Oath of Elucidation

by Nightkin

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Artur O
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Artur O Great drumming, great vocal, excellent production. I must say it's a big surprise for me! Favorite track: Creature of Deranged Judgment.
Kyle thumbnail
Kyle This is THE underground gem of the year for me. The drumming is consistent, constant, and impressive. The guitar is interesting, including good riffs and very impressive solos dispersed perfectly. To tie it all together they have a phenomenal vocalist who takes this already great album to another level. I am fucking in love with this album! Favorite track: My Work Is Not Yet Done.
M.Dark thumbnail
M.Dark BUY THIS AT ONCE! FULL OF MARVELOUS FLUID RIFFS! Favorite track: My Work Is Not Yet Done.
The Fearafter
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The Fearafter This album just floors me. If Extreme Metal is even in your vocabulary, the next $7+ you hemorage needs to bleed for this. The growth from the 1st record to Oath in terms of songwriting, musicianship, tectonic heaviness, melodicism, poetic lyricism, band cohesion, and overall attention dominating gravitas is exponential. Every performance is astronomical. Every track is a rotating fav, every listen reveals more. Favorite track: Oath of Elucidation.
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released February 23, 2016

Drums were recorded by Chris Trestain
Vocals were recorded by Mike McKenzie at The Black Coast
Guitars and bass were recorded by David Lock at The Institute
Mixed by Chris Johnson at The Moontower
Mastered by Nick Zampiello at New Alliance East
Artwork by Shawn Knight



all rights reserved


Nightkin Detroit, Michigan

Blackened Death Metal by way of Detroit and Boston.

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Track Name: Creature of Deranged Judgment
Tomb of ascension, I lay dreaming in your cold embrace
Awaiting the moment, my body's erased
The rotting shell of human flesh bound
Cast off forever, in reverie I am found

Creature of deranged judgment
Banished to the earth, decaying empire
Your sickening visage is devoid of worth

Pray for something to alleviate
Imagined suffering, salvation does not exist

Wash away the only chance you have
Turn your back on what is real, trapped in the past

Tomb of ascension, I break free from this living grave
An elucidation floods my mind like a mighty wave
Tear away the coil, the weakness that penetrates
The fear you know must not regenerate

Pray for something, nothing to no one

Spiraling, convulsing enigma
You're drowning in your own stigma
Track Name: Fear of the Light
Under my wing, my darkened wing
You'll find shelter where scavengers sing
A dream of life eternal, promises I'll bring

Out of the cold, we speak of riches untold
A thinly-veiled threat just under surfaces sold
My kingdom is yours, all you behold

Worship me!
The mirror reflects what you'll refuse to see
Fear me!
The absolute hypocrisy

Beware the darkness below, black seeds they sow
Upon you lavish gifts they'll bestow
They appear as divine but I assure you they are foe

I'll offer you a choice, but never stray from the path
Or suffer the everlasting breadth of my wrath
Into eternal flames you'll be cast

It's so black and white
Yet unclear as the fog of night
Clouding my judgment with fear of the light

It's all so black and white
Fear of the light

Under my wing, my darkened wing
You'll find shelter where scavengers sing
A dream of life eternal, promises I will bring

Everything chaos and nothing is true
When god is the devil, the devil is you
The fear of the light, no salvation for fools
Track Name: Public Execution
Vultures on a mission of lurid blame
Wanton violence an instrument of shame

Rip and tear, shred and claw
Deliver the apathy of the law
Hoist the body in disrespect
Not just this one you'll infect
Sanctimonious worms that ensnare
Do you truly believe you'll be spared?

Envision a world wide grave
How few of these corpses are safe?
Desecrate the thing you protect

Public execution
Displayed for all to see
A reflection of the world's agony

Self-righteous fool
You'll form your noose from your iron rule
Watch your subjects turn on you

As flesh is torn, bonds are broken
The barriers between man and beast are now open
Desire becomes need
Good men must now bleed
A river of destruction becomes an ocean

The fall of man
None shall stand
How pathetic was this being
The extinction ever freeing

Life squandered
Infected with the ideals of the dead
So foolish
Choking down any refuse they are fed

You're nothing
Nothing more than a poison vessel
You nourish
You nourish the growth of this hell
Track Name: Disgusting Cycle of Futility
A rancid downpour of sadistic cruelty
Indoctrinated servants of the earth abyss
Bleed for the promise of dialectic death
They champion further dominance over the oppressed

You pathetic worm, how far you will fall
When the next diseased tyrants swallow all
Absurd existence, castrated virility
Disgusting cycle of futility

Mark of the possessed
Intoxicated with unrest

Disgusting scavengers disguised as virtues
Leading a quest of errands for fools
On the path downward, compass amiss
Deliberate and malicious, into the abyss

Infected minds deflect the truth
As the willing fools facilitate their own abuse

We'll watch and wait for our own demise
Complicit in the prevalence of this world of ugly lies

You pathetic worms, how far you will fall
When the next tyrannical horror swallows all
Absurd existence, castrated virility
Disgusting cycle of futility
Track Name: Oath of Elucidation
An oath I take in absolute certainty
Bearing the weight of apocrypha
This I know as inevitability
It cannot be denied

Elevate the will, open the passage
Reject fear and weakness
Eyes open, there is little hope of redemption
We must prevail at all costs

For I am sworn to illumination
Guiding light of perserverance and growth
Shatter the fraudulent, a rape of intelligence

Utter filth, my disgust is profound
Clawing at my mind, ignorance all around
I cannot bear this weight

I don't know how to make this any clearer
Failure to progress is a failure to survive
Horrid images stare back from the mirror
Surely you'll know when our doomsday has arrived

Take this oath or perish
Track Name: My Work Is Not Yet Done
Into the abyss of the mind, never to return
Voices taunting me, motive I cannot discern
A ruined place of rest, cathedral undefined
Darkness is consuming me, intent on cruel design

Blackness in the sky, behind the stars
So secluded
Better the executioner than the executed

It has no eyes, river of antilight
Flowing into the sea inside of me, everlasting night
Speak to me through malevolent shades
Dreams emerge through bloodshed conveyed

The body is a weapon, when used all is lost
Yet the rewards far outweigh the cost
Through my blood, in my veins, revolution spilling
I cannot control the killing

My work is not yet done

Baptized in black unrest
This earth shall bathe in death
Track Name: Eyes of Reward
Tracks in the snow lead to the valleys ahead
The flame of night's return rends the sky blood red
Feral soil, sound the death knell before dusk
Behead the outsiders, only consume what we must

A synergy with the stone resonates from below
Calling to the rancid insects, inside us they grow
Burrowing into the earth as they burrow into our brains
Fighting tooth and nail over our own remains

Eyes of reward, I'll absorb and be absorbed

Commit my life to the force of decay
Bleeding blindly, mind in disarray
Folowing a code ingrained, not understood
All faith is blind, all are trampled under foot

As the dizzying madness floods all rational thought
Our bodies stand, circling the knowledge sought

Something reaches out - the binding tool
The material severed by lucid life unfurled
I drift away forever
Track Name: We Are Alone
Mountainous jaws, ice-adorned spires
Rain like needles quenching our fires
Drawing them closer with the scent of our fear

Like embrionic garbage spat on the earth
Naked and dejected from our moment of birth

We are alone
On a cold, callous stone
We can't be forgotten
Never acknowledged, never defended, never begotten

We summon a strength from an unknown place
Feeding and fueling the force of our hate
Drawing them closer with the strength of our fear
Becoming much more than we could ever appear

The spark of synthetic creation
Our failings assemble in their cremation
The future as dark as our lineage

Embrace the darkness of humankind
Manipulation of chaotic design
Embrace revelation, the advent of the eye
You're rotting on your crutches
Hear our battle cry!

From flesh to machine to fields of energy
Sentient synthesis to divinity

Transport of the mind
Burn this organic hell away
They never wanted us anyway